Q : How do I stream the event?

A : You need to purchase an access code in order to view the streaming show. Access codes can be purchased from https://www.tokyosessions.com. Once you purchase the access code, unique access code & link to view the show will be sent via email following your purchase. Upon entering the access code, you will be required to sign up to the streaming web page.

STEP 1: Buy access code
STEP 2: Visit the streaming web page via link sent by email from TOKYO SESSIONS
STEP 3: Click “Enter Code”
STEP 4: Sign up
STEP 5: Enter access code
STEP 6: Content page opens up. Wait until the show starts

*Once you have created an account on the streaming page and have registered your access code, you do not need to re-enter the code every time you visit. Simply log in using email and password that you have set.


Q : If I am unable to watch the live show, can I watch archive?

A : Yes. Tickets are valid for both the live show and archive. Archive is available only for a limited period of time. Please see the ticket purchase page for archive period.


Q : Can I watch the archive multiple times?

A : Yes. Your ticket allows you to view the concert as many times as you’d like during the period that archive is available.


Q : Where can I watch the archive?

A : Archive is available at the same URL sent with the access code.


Q : Can I watch this on a Connected TV or a Smart TV?

A : A Connected TV/Smart TV is not an officially supported device. It might work, but we cannot guarantee such functionality.


Q : What is the recommended viewing environment?

A : Please check How to Watch page.


Q : Can I watch the show with multiple devices?

A : You cannot watch the show simultaneously with multiple devices. You can switch devices, and watch from different devices.


Q : Is the show downloadable?

A : No.


Q : Can I record the streaming live?

A : No. All content are copy rights protected and only available for streaming.



Q : How do I log in?

A : To log in, go to the top right corner of the page and press the "Log In" button

Once you see the pop-up page, either create your account or if you have already done so, enter the same credentials to log in under "Already have an account?" at the bottom of the pop-up page.

Please note the following:
The credentials that you used when you originally made your account are your login credentials moving forward.
If you originally signed up with Facebook or Google, then you must continue to do so. Do not enter your login credentials for Facebook or Google into the "Email" and "Password" field, as this will not allow you to log in.


Q : How do I reset my password?

A : First, click the "Log In" icon on the top right side of the page.

Next, under "Already have an account?" press the "Log In" button:

Click the "I forgot my password link" underneath the "Email" and "Password" field, as shown below.

This will prompt you to enter your email. Shortly after entering your email, you will receive an email that will allow you to complete the password reset process.



Q : Can I purchase tickets just to watch archive?

A : Yes, you may purchase tickets during archive period.


Q : Do I need to purchase a separate ticket for archive?

A : The tickets for the live show include the access to the archive. You don't need separate tickets to watch archive.


Q : Can I purchase multiple tickets?

A : Yes. Unique access codes will be sent in individual emails to the email address used to the purchase the tickets.
The purchaser can then distribute the individual unique access codes to friends/family. However, in order to watch the show, those who have access code must create his or her account when they enter access code at streaming page.


Q : I have paid for my live stream though I have not received my confirmation email with my link to the live stream player and my password.

A : You should get two emails from TOKYO SESSIONS and the second one with link and access code can take a few moments.

Please check your ‘Junk Mail’. It could be there.


Q : It is close to the showtime and I have not received my email with the link and password.

A : Hold fast. It can take a few moments for the email to come through, due to the high amount of website traffic, especially if you have purchased it at the last minute before the show.


Q : I am having trouble clicking through from the Tokyosessions website to the ticketing page.

A : Due to a high volume of traffic to our website you may find it hard to get through to the ticketing site. Please persist and try again. To avoid disappointment, we recommend buying your tickets well in advance.



Q : Other Inquiries

A : Click here.